Panel on Phenomenology and the Idea of Europe at ISIH 2016


Daniel Leufer and Christian Sternad joined forces with Francesco Tava and put up a panel on “Phenomenology and the Idea of Europe” at this year’s conference of the International Society of Intellectual History with the topic “Re-thinking Europe in intellectual History”. Daniel Leufer will focus on Jan Patocka’s relation to the German Kriegsphilosophie, Christian Sternad is going to investigate Husserl’s problematic transition from the Idea of Germany during WW1 to the Idea of Europe in 1935, and Francesco Tava will talk about Jan Patocka’s concept of Europe and Post-Europe.

To find out more about this panel or the conference in general, please follow this link:

2016 Conference

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Date(s) - 03 May - 05 May


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