Bergson, from his garden chair to the public space


Henri Bergson makes his entrance in the Open Commons of phenomenology. His main works : L’essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience (Time and free will), Le rire (Laughter), Matière et Mémoire (Matter and Memory), L’évolution créatrice (Creative Evolution), L’énergie spirituelle (Spiritual Energy)Durée et simultanéité (Duration and Simultaneity), Les deux sources de la morale et de la religion (The two sources of Morality and Religion), La pensée et le mouvant (Creative Mind) are now referenced. But my own research on the relation between the First World War and Bergson revealed to me an aspect of Bergson that those works do not show. Indeed, beside the work that made him famous, Bergson has been at his time an important political actor, and this action is quite unknown, since partly secret – and in totality a little embarrassing to us, pertaining to what we nowadays regard as “war propaganda”.

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